The Road

The road began to blur, and in the blackness of night I envisioned my later years. A series of broken skies had led to this very moment.

Let me be.

I dreamt of our mornings in Australia – the way your baby blues lit up the bedroom. It felt too perfect. That, was when the storm brewed. He was a flash of what could have been, but I disappeared before the lightning struck. Overnight, I had cast myself to the rain. The tears soaked my paper heart, and the ink bled into the pages until I could no longer read between the lines.

As I spend this midnight hour wrapped in my own desires, I revisit him for the first time through faded memories. Yet I shy away from the worst of it, as though I could reach out in the darkness and find your hand in the middle of my own haunts. Yet you had your dreams of the City, and I had mine; so here we are.

Location: Kauai, Hawaii

Come follow my travels at allyinrain.

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