The Interstate

I stood on a bridge above the interstate, twirling in the city winds. There I froze, slighted by a disregard that had numbed what was left of my heart. If only ever so briefly.

The hibernal air salts the mind, drying out my vanity. For I, was the wide-eyed dreamer, and you, the simple-minded pragmatic.

Tell me, about your sheltered dreams and decayed youth. Remind me, of the age when you felt the city slip out of your fingertips. Twenty-seven, yet you play the part of an innocent; a victim to your petty years.

Some day, I’ll belong to the bylines of magazines and ending credits to something syndicated. And some day, you’ll remain little more than someone who could’ve never been.

Location: Kauai, Hawaii

Come follow my travels at allyinrain.

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