The Outskirts

It has been over nine years since I first walked through those hallway doors. I breathe in the sharp hibernal air, visiting those black-and-white stills of my once upon another time.

Sometimes, when the walls are silent and I feel lost in the outskirts, I reach out to those bygone days. For though I feel the pressure of my dying dreams, I bury myself underneath the fabric of a familiar nightmare to rid the chaos that has diseased me. That is when I regress, caught in a time when my world was whole and Time had been kinder.

As I let an old CD play in the car stereo, I realize that those perfect daydreams I molded from back then could no longer become more than just that. And so I slowly trace my footsteps back to that silver Jetta, blaring songs of Americana in the heat of an August summer.

Location: Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii

Come follow my travels at allyinrain.

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