Meet me at Blu Bar on 36 – for you, though straying from my only rule, come as a new face and that is all I need. I look down below, and these autumnal winds cause an uproar once more.

Once more we plunge back into holier waters, when our world was two cities wide and you loved nothing more than the sound of my voice. These conversations taint you now, and you regret your indiscretions in the aftermath of it all.

Let me take you back to when I was 20 and you were 23, for those were the days that used to drive me up a wall but I love all the better for now. Faintly haunting, but these demons have settled for both our sanities.

And those ever so symbolic street lamps on County Road 42 flicker for the last time, as I smile, driving home alone in a darkness that will forever be my own.

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