And this internal war rages on as his gray blue eyes haunt my waking moments. I must confess, I think of those memories all too often – the way you used to love me whole in the middle of the night. Your skin against mine, and kisses so sweet I prayed that feeling would last beyond our younger years.

And here we are today, nearly a world apart and I can hear it in your voice – that continual drift away from a place that was ours.

You walked away – I guess I did not love you enough back when we mattered. That is the thing, maybe you are prettier in my memories, hollow illusions of what could have been. I loved the idea; the green light in the distance of this sea of darkness.

I never quite understood how you stop loving somebody – either you never did or you always will. All that magic, I wish we could chase it back.

But there goes that omniscient voice again, asking me in whispers, Is it worth it?

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