Dark Blue Tennessee

Along with plastic dreams of silk and satin,
I painted the wallpaper of my mind with the skyline of Manhattan,
Estival lights and countless interstates
That would lead to a world past these greying eyes and dulled fates.

Yet I met a boy when I was twenty by chance,
The perfect solute for a chemical romance –
Golden-haired and star blue eyes
Whisking my fairy tale notions into lighter skies.

You remained beside me like walking poetry,
And I spoke untouched, so stoically
Distracted by visions of cityscapes
That I prayed one day would be beyond my drapes.

Three words, eight letters,
That you no longer repeat back to me
For you’ve learned the rotation of my games
Yet I remain steadfast in my claims.

Words, how easily they flow on Hilroy,
For you will always be that college boy
Who I loved and still love despite my selfish tendencies
And I hope you still remember me when I live
in dark blue Tennessee.


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